Improve on the silence

And the incredibly great thing about Quaker meetings is that everyone just sits there. Silently. And they talk only if the spirit moves them to talk. They only open their mouths if it improves on the silence.

Post a boarding pass on Facebook, get your account stolen

Users often publish data that they don't know what they mean. Because at first sight, it's not possible to see what's the data, or what the data is for. Someone might find the data usefulf for something. In the worst case, it's possible to steal an account. Just be careful with the data you upload or publish. When you're not exactly sure what data is the in the picture or screenshot you want to upload to Facebook, you can just hide the data with a black rectangle or any other favorite shape (just blurring them might not be enough), or maybe just don't publish the data at all.

Ils osent tout

La décision de Twitter intervient alors que ce matin une victime du Bataclan a été menacée de mort, que j’ai moi-même été menacé de mort, et que depuis hier les vagues de haine se succèdent sur le réseau à un rythme qui fait trembler les plus solides. Il faut croire qu’à la cour du roi Twitter la vulgarité et la haine sont des valeurs plus appréciées que le travail et l’engagement citoyen. Notez bien qu’on s’en doutait.

A 2:15 Alarm, 2 Trains and a Bus Get Her to Work by 7 A.M.

Rabottorens, Gent

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Il nous faudrait une bonne guerre

Si nous ne voulons pas de guerres, il va falloir sérieusement songer à ce qui pourrait créer les conditions de la pérennité de nos sociétés sans elles. Nous n'y sommes absolument pas préparés.

Naomi Klein to Cover Shocks of Trump Era for The Intercept

As one of the world’s foremost journalists and thinkers about power and injustice, Klein is uniquely suited to the task of dissecting the extraordinary political moment ushered in by Donald Trump’s election.

5 Calls

Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

There's one simple and straightforward way to influence the Government that is supposed to represent you: Call them on the phone.

Calling is the most effective way to influence your representative. 5 Calls gives you contacts and scripts so calling is quick and easy. We use your location to give you your local representatives so your calls are more impactful.

Une idée à reprendre en ciblant les représentants européens ?

Beyond Hope

A wonderful thing happens when you give up on hope, which is that you realize you never needed it in the first place. You realize that giving up on hope didn’t kill you. It didn’t even make you less effective. In fact it made you more effective, because you ceased relying on someone or something else to solve your problems — you ceased hoping your problems would somehow get solved through the magical assistance of God, the Great Mother, the Sierra Club, valiant tree-sitters, brave salmon, or even the Earth itself — and you just began doing whatever it takes to solve those problems yourself.